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We Build Safe, So You Can Build Safer

Commonwealth Scaffold, LLC serves Boston and the New England area market and is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality scaffolding products and service.

Our personnel have a wealth of experience in building scaffold on challenging jobsites. We believe that providing safe and innovative solutions to your difficult builds will result in saving time, money and above all, lives.

Scaffolding Services

Scaffold Design and Build

Properly erected scaffolding provides workers safe access to work locations, level and stable working platforms, and temporary storage for tools and materials for performing immediate tasks.

  • Interior Scaffolding and Dance Floor
  • Exterior Scaffolding and Access
  • Weather Protection Enclosures

Systems Scaffolding

This type of scaffold is generally used where unlimited versatility is required. Horizontal tubes and thus walking-decks can be placed at any height. Due to their strength, they are frequently used where heavy loads need to be carried, or where multiple platforms must reach several stories high.

NY Style Heavy Duty

Leading the industry in safety effectiveness, NY Style Scaffold is the most effective of heavy duty overhead protection that includes the use of steel I-beams and metal roofing.

Frame and Brace

Frame scaffolds are the most common type of scaffold because they are versatile, economical, and easy to use. They are frequently used in one or two tiers by residential contractors, but their modular frames can also be stacked several stories high for use on large-scale construction jobs.

Safe Access

We offer various forms of safe access including integral prefabricated scaffold access frames, direct access from another scaffold, personnel hoists, ramps, or walkways.

  • Systems Stair Towers
  • Temporary Wood Stairs
  • Scaffolding & Wood Ramps
  • Overhead Protection

Systems Stair Towers

A tower comprised of scaffold components and which contains internal stairway units and rest platforms. These towers are used to provide access to scaffold platforms and other elevated points such as floors and roofs.

Heavy Duty Overhead Protection

Heavy-duty protection against falling debris which are intended to protect the general public from falling objects during construction. Unlike scaffolds, which are governed by State or Federal OSHA regulations to protect the safety for workers, sidewalk canopies must be built in accordance with municipal building codes.

Scaffolding Ramps

Similar to stairways, ramps provide a safe means of accessing platforms above or below a point of access. Access ramps must conform to maximum slope and minimum width requirements, as well as at times requiring guardrails and cleated walkways to comply with safety standards.

Carpentry Services


Provide proper and safe wood stairs, built by carpenters from framing lumber and meeting construction regulations.


Provide decks, built by carpenters with proper framing to hold designated loads, including railing systems and stairs.


Provide loading platforms that extend from the building and are essential for bringing materials into and out of a work site.


Provide platforms used for supporting workers, machinery or materials, built with safe access, fall protection and cover.

Protection Services


Provide temporary fencing to protect people and property by establishing dependable boundries.


Provide support for a structure with shores when in danger of collapse or during repairs or alterations.


Provide miscellaneous general safety implementations that are requirements for various work area and construction sites.


Provide debris chutes with work platform and fall protection for a safe efficient method of handling rubbish.


Provide wood enclosures and cover to protect pipes, windows, electrical enclosures and breakables.


Provide wood guardrail systems and fall protection including shaft coverings, fences and barricades.

Problem Solving Services

  • Safety Services
  • General Carpentry
  • Labor Services
  • Temporary Wood Doors
  • Shaft Coverings
  • Fire Extinguisher Install
  • Window Protection
  • Enclosed Tunnels
  • Overhead Hazard Protection
  • Fall Hazard Protection
  • Floor Protection